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Al Pacino: Cecil B. DeMille Honoree 2001, Daily Variety, 1/16/01

Man of the Moment: Method Acting Force Puts Life on the Line
Al Pacino's most memorable roles have usually been dangerous men.Yet every one of Pacino's friends and co-workers testifies that he is, in person, a generous, sensitive and very funny man.

Thrill of Theater Still Beckons Star
Nothing thrills Al Pacino like acting onstage. It gives him a pleasure so powerful that he returns over and over again to a quote from Carl Wallenda to describe it: "Life is on the wire and the rest is just waiting."

Working with Pacino
Reflections from "Sea of Love" co-star Ellen Barkin, "Dog Day Afternoon" and "Serpico" director Sidney Lumet, and "Heat" and "The Insider" director Michael Mann.

Tom Hanks: "The Consummate Professional" - South China Morning Post, 3/6/00
It has taken a lot of work, but Tom Hanks has succeeded in looking a little scary...

Leonardo DiCaprio: "Looking for the real Leo" - South China Morning Post, 1/24/00
There is an old definition of a movie star: women want to sleep with him, men want to be him. By that definition, the ultimate movie star for the under-30 generation is Leonardo DiCaprio...

Jodie Foster: "Movies and Motherhood" - South China Morning Post, 12/20/99
Perhaps no other actress commands as much respect and affection in Hollywood as Jodie Foster. So it seemed out of character when she dropped out of "Double Jeopardy" at the last minute, without explanation...

Mel Gibson: "Tough-guy Gibson Gets Results" - South China Morning Post, 3/1/99
On screen, Mel Gibson is a dangerous man. Yet Gibson's heroes have always had a soft spot inside...

Samuel L. Jackson: Deauville Film Festival 2000 Honoree - Daily Variety, 8/28/00
Samuel L. Jackson is as cool as cool gets. He looks cool, he acts cool, he appears in cool movies. His first stage appearances, though, were not so cool...

Samuel L. Jackson: "Chopsocky hits the spot for Jackson" - South China Morning Post, 6/6/98
When Samuel L. Jackson goes to work on a movie he has simple needs: a good script, a character with a clear point of view and a suitcase full of Hong Kong movies.

Will Smith: "The Fresh Prince of Sci-Fi" - South China Morning Post, 7/18/97
How does Will Smith do it? He boasts a successful rap career, a long-running sitcom and a run of hit films. What is the secret of his success? His ears...

U.S. Comedy Arts Festival Tribute: Mike Nichols & Elaine May - Daily Variety, 3/7/2000
It's almost 40 years since they last performed. Video of their sketches is rare and their old LP's long ago shrank to CD's. Yet even today the chemistry between Mike Nichols and Elaine May is the stuff of legend.

Phil Collins: "The new Tarzan of the Airwaves" - South China Morning Post, 7/5/99
When Disney came calling, Phil Collins mustered his courage and swung into a different musical direction...

Directors & Behind-the-Scenes
Steven Spielberg: "Spielberg the Master of Reel War" - South China Morning Post, 8/1/1998
It is hard to call any Steven Spielberg film a surprise success. But few in Hollywood had especially high expectations for Saving Private Ryan...

Oliver Stone: "Stone Brews More Controversy" - South China Morning Post, 3/13/00
For Oliver Stone, shooting a few lighthearted commercials for the Hong Kong market must have looked like a chance to get away from controversy. Yet some are upset that these commercials are almost devoid of Asian faces...

Danny Boyle: "Paradise found...and Lost" - South China Morning Post, 1/24/00
In The Beach, director Danny Boyle set out to do the impossible, or something close to it. He would film on a lovely, unspoiled tropical island but give the scenes there an 'urban consciousness.'

China & Hong Kong
Bai Ling: "Hollywood Pays But Her Heart Belongs to China" - South China Morning Post 5/31/98
People Magazine may have made Bai Ling one the 50 Most Beautiful People In The World, but truth be told, they did not know what to make of her at all...

Luo Yan: "Surviving the Pressure" - South China Morning Post , 9/11/99
Luo Yan has seen her dream come true, but the good news is that she survived the ordeal in one piece...

Steve's Second Job; Steve Jobs and Pixar Studios - South China Morning Post, 11/27/98.
Steven Jobs is earning a reputation as a man with Midas touch. Long a Silicon Valley legend as one of 'the two Steves' who founded Apple Computer in a neighborhood garage, he has reclaimed the helm of struggling Apple and steered it back to financial health. He also made a cool US$1 Billion in one day when the stock of Pixar, his animation company, went public.

Barney Cheng: "Fashion Fusion for the Stars" - South China Moring Post, 9/21/97
He is a pioneer, a favorite of the rich and famous, a trend-setter. He is about to become the first HK designer to introduce his own line in the United States. He is young, funny and charismatic. But right now, Barney Cheng is jet-lagged and very, very nervous.


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